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the new

We seek to evolve to improve our service delivery, technology sales and consumables.

We are even more competitive, aligned with new ways of working, understanding the difficulties created by the problems we face.


Consistent results across all devices

Despite the multitude of digital and large format machines and the huge variety of fabrics, it is essential to obtain consistent results. 

The GMG ColorServer Digital delivers exactly the colors customers expect. The application is as accurate as it is efficient. With GMG's unique MX technology, RGB, CMYK or even mixed image data is automatically converted to the desired output color space.


New line
Epson Surecolor

The SureColor P7570 was developed from the ground up to meet a full range of creative needs in the fashion market, being the most faithful in every color. Through UltraChrome® PRO12 ink, this printer captures every detail with unrivaled color accuracy and brilliance.


Certified special papers

Control and Precision

In development, color accuracy is paramount to turn the idea into reality, and for production to be fast, the digital sample must accurately represent the production process.

For all this to happen, we have a strict quality control in our inputs, being periodically certified by FOGRA - international body for standardization of processes. So we are sure to offer the best and most reliable proofing paper on the market.


Certificado-FOGRA-EP1S (1).png
Montagem Banners Elecproof (2).png


For over a decade, DTS has always been at the forefront of the textile market, providing state-of-the-art technology and specialized technical support throughout Brazil.

Now we have expanded our portfolio even further, aiming to adapt  new needs, helping the recovery of the textile industry.

With that, comes the certainty that we have everything your company needs to produce the best product in the shortest possible time at the lowest cost.

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