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Management of Worldwide Recognized Contractual Colors and Proofs


The Textile Industry depends on obtaining accurate printing results as quickly as possible.

With GMG solutions, all this work becomes much easier, thanks to exclusive MX technology.

The time has come to have all the printing processes with the same color, from proofing to printing

digital and conventional.



Textile printing is not standardized due to the large number of fabrics to be printed.  Each one with its own characteristic, which makes it difficult to predict the colors after printing.

With the OpenColor system, through spectral measurement it is possible to predict the interaction between the various processes, fabrics, overprinting 



Automated Conversion to any Color space.

Varying printing conditions and fabrics, global productions in multiple locations – numerous parameters offer different challenges. Accurate conversions provide consistent results across different processes. An automated solution results in unbeatable efficiency.



Print production will inevitably introduce the need to predict and approve the desired print result before going to print.

GMG ColorProof is the benchmark in digital proofing.

Setting industry standards and a globally recognized solution ensures a proof of contract system that all parties can trust



Replacing process colors, adding a channel or multiple spot colors to CMYK images – while common requests, these tasks are time consuming, even for experienced operators. With the GMG ColorPlugin, just a few clicks provide the perfect result. This inspires even less experienced colleagues and ensures repeatable results. 

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