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We represent the best color control, file flow in the world market.

Discover DTS solutions.


We are sure you will find what you need to further improve your production.:  

Printing Rips, Color Management Software, Color Handling Systems

Image, File Flow Control, in short, everything that was missing in your company.


Wasatch SoftRIP:

Specialist imaging solutions

Wasatch SoftRIP is sophisticated and easy RIP software. With simple setup, intuitive workflow and powerful print controls, SoftRIP saves time and money while producing excellent color.

Wasatch offers industry-leading solutions in areas such as  digital label printing  , dye sublimation, direct printing on clothing, printing  screen  and much more. With special options such as  Variable Data Printing  ​​ and  Automation  , you can further expand and specialize your production.


Predictable print results and color consistency

Whether pre-production or production, GMG is wherever color matters. 

GMG solutions are global leaders: GMG ColorProof is considered the standard in proofing. GMG OpenColor revolutionized color management.

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